Clothing Gift Cards

Buying clothing gift cards for a friend or family member is a gift-buying method that can be used when you’re not sure what type of clothing to purchase. These gift cards let the recipient of the gift card buy clothing from a specific shop. Understanding these gift cards should make it easier for you to find one that is right for your needs.

How do clothing gift cards work?

Clothing gift cards are small digital cards that store a certain amount of money. They are a bit like a purchased debit card that takes money from a more limited source than a bank account. When buying them, money has to be added to the card to ensure that it can be used. Typically, you can add as much cash as you want to these gift cards. Some shops, however, may have a maximum amount. Talk to the store about the minimum and maximum amount before trying to buy a card.

Can they be recharged?

After you use a clothing gift card, you can usually add more money to it. In this way, you can take that same card and use it as a gift for another person. That said, some shops may limit the number of times that these gift cards can be charged. The reasons for these limitations vary between the shops.

Do gift cards swap between stores?

Typically, gift cards cannot be swapped between different stores. For example, if you buy one from a shop like JC Penney, your gift must be used at that shop. That's because each of these clothing providers prints their own gift cards and gives them out to customers for individual use in their shops. As a result, it is essential to carefully consider what shop your loved one visits when buying them a clothing gift card.

What clothing stores provide gift cards?

It is possible to get gift cards of these types from just about any clothing manufacturer. That's because these promotional items can be used as presents by a broad range of people. In many cases, the use of cards like these helps to increase a company's business by drawing more potential customers. Clothing gift cards also take the guesswork out of selecting the right size or style.

If you are interested in buying one of these gift cards, there are many types available. Each can be used as a gift in a variety of different situations. Just a few manufacturers who provide these cards to buyers include:

  • Bloomingdale's
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Victorias Secret Angel Reward Card
  • Banana Republic Rewards
  • Patagonia Gift Card
  • Loft Merchandise Credit
  • American Eagle Outfitters