Keep clothes crisp with the right coat hanger

For clothes to stay in their best condition they have to be properly stored. Choosing the right coat hangers will help protect clothes and ensure their longevity. Structured items like suits and bridal clothes require specialist coat hangers to ensure that the clothes will retain the correct shape and reduce stress on the fabric itself. 

Coat hangers for all the family

The wide selection of fabric, metal and wooden coat hangers available means that there are plenty of different types to choose from, ensuring that the whole family's clothes can be stored correctly. 

Baby clothes are so tiny they require only the very smallest plastic hangers, whereas for toddlers and older kids, baby and children hangers feature notches to hold the clothes in place to help the garments survive little hands manhandling their wardrobe. Flock finishes are great for lightweight summer clothes that might slip off a smooth hanger, and folding hangers are ideal to pack on a family holiday where smart clothes will need to be hung up on arrival to alleviate suitcase creases. 

Speciality hangers

Alongside the multipack of coat hangers in the home, there are undoubtedly a few speciality hangers that many people could benefit from. One of the most obvious is a tie or belt hanger, to stop ties and belts from collecting in untidy piles in a wardrobe. Likewise, coat hangers with bars and clips for skirts and trousers will help keep ironed in creases in place, without causing new unintentional creases to appear. 

For smaller homes, slim hangers can provide a space-saving solution, as can hanger extenders. There are even shallow depth hangers for wardrobes that might not fit a standard, approximate 42cm hanger. 

Luxury hangers

Nothing is as special as a wedding day, and padded hangers will ensure a wedding dress keeps its shape both before the big day and while in storage. For men's suits, wooden mahogany hangers offer a touch of luxury and style to a wardrobe.