Keeping time with home clock parts

Good time keeping is essential in our busy lives, which is why it's important to repair a broken clock with reliable parts. Home clock parts can be used to both fix a clock that's no longer working properly, and design and make a customised clock. Simple clock part kits make it easier than ever to build a clock from scratch or to replace broken movement components. 

Sometimes it's worth replacing working parts in an existing clock to improve it, for example fitting a silent motor instead of a noisy ticking one, or changing the hands to a more visible color in the home of someone with poor eyesight. 

Repairing clock parts

Hands and the movement behind them can often be the first thing to break on a clock, given the delicate nature of the slender arms. Replacing broken clock hands successfully means checking the size of the components compared to the existing clock and deciding if the new arms will both match the clock face and be long enough. 

Some movements come with hands that can be trimmed with scissors, ensuring the perfect fit for a repaired clock. Some sets come with fixed hand lengths so it's worth double checking the kit will fix the existing clock before deciding on the ideal home clock parts. 

Personalised clock parts

For DIY fans who like to make a statement, a custom designed clock is a great way to create a talking point in a room. Some hands and movement kits can be mounted directly onto the wall. Roman numerals, funny photos or even the family's hand prints can be painted directly onto the wall around the moving hands to form a unique clock. There are even novelty hands like knives and forks that spin around, ideal for a kitchen or dining room.