Classical Vinyl Records

Classical Vinyl Records

Classical music is a universal genre, equally loved in the Eastern and Western worlds. Movie and television soundtracks contain emotional and inspiring melodies taken directly from the classical repertoire. Classical vinyl records are a diverse source of songs that can make wonderful collectors items.

What types of classical records can you find?

Broadly speaking, there are records showcasing classical vocal works, instrumental works, and combinations of both. Types of classical music records connote subgenres, which are abundant. The following is a short list of classical subgenres to explore:

  • Symphonic: These are works composed for full orchestra. They include the symphony, prelude, and overture, to name a few.
  • Concerto: A concerto is typically a symphonic work featuring one or more soloists, such as piano and orchestra.
  • Chamber Music: This form entails small groups playing music composed especially for intimate settings. The performers might be instrumentalists, vocalists, or a combination. Trios, quartets, cantatas, art songs, and sonatas fall into this category.
  • Ballet: This familiar dancing tradition evolved alongside its own orchestral theme music: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and Giselle are examples.
  • Opera: Opera consists of full orchestra accompanying big, beautiful singing voices. Records by soloists often include a buffet of repertoire, letting you sample a wide variety of opera selections in one sitting.
What are First Viennese School LPs?

The First Viennese School refers to a trio of composers who lived and worked in late-18th-century Vienna. They are Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven. Occasionally, this school also includes Franz Schubert, the recognized Father of German Song, lieder. Their collective output is enormous, but there are records featuring frequently performed works attributed to each composer:

  • Haydn: The Creation
  • Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro, Symphonies Nos. 40 and 41, Jupiter Symphony
  • Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 3 and 9
  • Schubert: The songs cycles Winterreise and Die schone Mullerin
What are some early music LPs?

Early music is a period in classical music encompassing medieval, Renaissance, and baroque compositions. Luckily, much of it exists on vinyl LP. Hildegard of Bingen is an example of a medieval composition. The Renaissance compositions of Claudio Monteverdi and John Taverner survive on vinyl as well, while Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel remain the world-renowned giants of the Baroque period.

How do you care for vinyl?

Keep your vinyl LP in its protective jacket whenever youre not using it. Handle it gingerly, taking care not to get too many fingerprints on the actual album. To clean your vinyl LP:

  • Run a record brush over the recordings surface to gently dislodge dust and debris
  • Spray a scant one-eighth teaspoon of LP cleaning solution onto a microfiber cloth
  • Wipe your vinyl LP in a circular motion, in the direction of the grooves
  • Dont press the cloth into the LP
  • Clean your needle with a soft-tipped brush to prevent dust buildup