Class A RVs & Campers

Hit the Road in a Class A RV or Camper

There are many ways to get from Point A to Point B. You can drive a car, fly, take a bus, or even call an Uber, but when youre going on vacation, why not see the world in the most traditional and fun way? Cruise across the country in an RV motorhome and begin that journey by viewing the available models on eBay, which come in a range of styles and conditions from new to used to certified pre-owned.

What Are Some Facts About RVs?

Most of us think of RVs as tiny homes on wheels. After all, they include the comforts of home while youre on the road, such as a restroom, bed, and small kitchen to prepare meals. Educate yourself on what these vehicles are all about before you set your GPS for the Grand Canyon.

  • You may wonder what the Class A designation stands for. All RVs are divided by classes such as A, B, and C. Class A motorhomes simply means that these are powerful vehicles built for high-performance driving with heavy-duty motors. Theyre also the most roomy and spacious type of RV you can purchase. They run on diesel fuel.
  • Class A models have plenty of storage space, and theyre often considered luxury vehicles due to their elegant and comfortable interior.
  • Features like slides allow you to add even more space to your coach if additional passengers are coming on your trip. 

Selecting an RV

Shopping for a recreational motor home, as with other types of full-sized transportation, can be a bit overwhelming. Its best to break it down into what youre really looking for in order to make shopping for a new or pre-owned RV a breeze.

  • A motorhome comes in specific lengths. The small end of the spectrum is 16 to 25 feet, but longer motorhomes offer more space, such as those that are over 25 feet. 
  • To ensure you are getting a large enough camper, look for features like how many people the vehicle holds, such as one that sleeps 6, has an open floor plan, or has the right towing weight you need when youre taking another vehicle or even things like jet skis along with you. 
  • Consider the year youd like to own. Since these types of Class A motorhomes are built to last, if youre on a budget an older version thats been cared for properly could last you years, whether you choose a 2003 Fleetwood or a retro 1985 Winnebago.

RV Manufacturers to Consider

Just like buying any car, look at what different motorcoaches have to offer as you select a make and model. You may like the way that American Coach designs look or enjoy the comfort of a Country Coach. A high-end Monaco Marquis is feature-packed and luxurious. 

  • Holiday Rambler offers up models that include features like slides, one-and-a-half bathrooms, and an attached hauler.
  • Check into what Newmar can give you with the 45-foot King Aire or the shiny silver 2015 Essex Spartan.
  • Tiffin manufactures high-quality and feature-filled travel trailers including their 42-foot Allegro bus.

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