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Civil War Collectibles Give You a Glimpse of the Past

In the United States, most people can trace their ancestry and find at least one link to the 1860s, and that makes Civil War memorabilia especially relevant. Whether dug from the ground or preserved in an attic, the trail of evidence left behind by this war fascinates collectors. Fortunately, the vast selection of Civil War memorabilia on eBay makes it easy for collectors to find vintage Civil War relics for sale.

Types of Civil War artifacts for sale on eBay

The selection of Civil War memorabilia on eBay covers a wide range of artifacts, including the following:

  • Uniforms, buttons, and belts
  • Bullets and artillery gear
  • Photographs, documents, and correspondence
  • Maps, atlases, and newspapers
  • Medals, pins, and ribbons
What types of Civil War artillery gear and equipment can you expect to find on eBay?

From a cannon with a carriage and wheels to a tin canteen encased in brown wool, Civil War items for sale on eBay offer a haunting glimpse into the country's past. Listings are as diverse as artillery swords, cannonballs, cartridge boxes, and used shells recovered from battlefields. Saddle valises and leather belt pouches for holding artillery are also available.

What types of paper Civil War relics are collectible?

Period pieces like photographs, documents, letters, and maps give a firsthand look at the life and times of soldiers during the Civil War. Newspapers, depending on where they were printed, provided up-close looks at 1860s politics and culture in specific regions, and personal letters shared stories in a way no history book could. Civil War collectibles include photographs, original maps, letters from soldiers and nurses to the folks back home, and documents like these:

  • Receipts for new clothing and supplies
  • Military orders
  • Legal documents
  • Testimonials
  • Ship manifests
Civil War apparel and uniforms

In the first battles of the Civil War, soldiers shot at their comrades because the clothes they wore made it difficult to distinguish one side from the other. Gradually, uniforms were standardized with the Union army wearing navy uniforms and the Confederates wearing gray. Metals, belt buckles, and buttons were emblazoned with symbols that identified the wearer as being part of the North or South. These pieces have become highly valued Civil War collectibles and prized Civil War relics on eBay. Civil War apparel listings also include relics like these:

  • Original utility bags
  • Shoulder boards or straps
  • Shell jackets, vests, and hats
  • Belts and belt buckles
  • Original buttons
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