A Buying Guide to Cisco Gigabit Switches

If your internet connection integrates high-speed data, video, and voice over IP, a device thats acclimated for a high-bandwidth environment is the networking device you need. eBay offers a number of gigabit switches to support numerous secure connections and that are designed to get high-traffic data where it needs to go safely and quickly. When multiple companies in close vicinity to each other use advanced network applications over a shared connection, the right gigabit switch can get the job done.

What are gigabit switches?

Ethernet gigabit switches direct the bandwidth of your network connection to other network devices. The connection to the internet isnt direct; the traffic is being directed through wired connections. Wired connections tend to be more reliable and secure than Wi-Fi connections and tend to have a lot less lag.

Gigabit switches work somewhat like power strips for your Ethernet ports. For it to be of use, you have to connect the plug into an Ethernet router port. Switches can have as few as 4 ports and as many as 50.

What Cisco gigabit switches are available?

eBay has a wide selection of Cisco gigabit switches at very reasonable prices. Youll find switches oriented for fast Ethernet connections (100-Mbit/s) and standard gigabit Ethernet connections (1000-Mbit/s) with a variety of ports from 4 to 48. There are switches available to work on networks that are fully managed, partially managed, and completely unmanaged. They are available as 2 or 3 layer switches. You can also choose either 1000 Mbps/1 Gbps or 10 Gbps as a maximum data transfer rate.

What are the key features of Cisco gigabit switches?

A Cisco gigabit switch can be an excellent solution for your home or business network and will often include the following features:

  • Compact size: The Cisco gigabit switch is more compact in size, taking up little space, and works effectively with your data transmission, internet telephony, and video delivery needs.
  • High-level specificity: It manages the protocols and traffic running through the network with a very high level of specificity.
  • Advanced security: Advanced security features keep external intruders out and block rogue, internet-based attacks to keep your data and network safe.
Whats the advantage of a gigabit switch for data transfer?

Acting as a repeater, the switch regenerates data signals as they pass through it. In that aspect, the feature is a safeguard that deters data loss and helps ensure the data transmissions arrive safely at their intended destinations. Unlike repeaters that can only regenerate the signal without checking its recipients, the switch is capable of intelligent filtering of data based on destination and source.

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