Broadcast Your Wi-Fi Signal with a Cisco 2600 Router

The Cisco 2600 series of routers is available to those who need solutions to manage and deploy branch-office network solutions. There are a variety of different products in the Cisco 2600 router series. On eBay, users can find a large number of affordable Cisco 2600 routers for their networking needs.

What types of Cisco 2600 routers are there?

Cisco router options that are available include the following:

  • Cisco 2610XM and Cisco 2611XM - These routers support one network module slot and performs up to 20 kpps.
  • Cisco 2612 - This is a smaller option with 8 MB of default memory and performs at 15 kpps.
  • Cisco 2620XM and Cisco 2621XM - Depending on the model, these routers have one or two autosensing 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports.
  • Cisco 2650XM and Cisco 2651XM - This product has up to two fast ethernet ports and performance up to 40 kpps. It also has a default of 256 DRAM.
  • Cisco 2691 - This is the most expensive product in the class which supports the Cisco Gigabit Ethernet Network Module. It has 256 MB of DRAM and performance up to 70 kpps. It also has two fast ethernet ports.
With what features should buyers be familiar?

Some of the important specs of Cisco 2600 routers are the following:

  • Kpps - This is the kilo packets per second. This is a measure of the bandwidth of the Cisco 2600 router configuration.
  • DRAM - This is a measure of memory that the router needs to function. Higher memory provides for higher performance.
  • Ethernet Ports - Routers that have multiple ethernet ports allow for a functional doubling of a routers bandwidth.
  • AIM Slots - Most Cisco 2600 routers have one AIM slot but the 2691 has two. The extra Advanced Integration Module allows users to have access to additional features.
  • Flash Memory - This adds more capacity to a network. The added memory relieves network congestion and improves throughput.
How should you choose the right Cisco 2600 router?

Users should consider their networking needs when deciding which Cisco 2600 series router is the right one for them. Users that have extensive networking needs should consider the top-of-the-line Cisco 2691 due to its added functionality and ability to handle large throughput. Still, there are many options within this product class and more affordable options within the Cisco 2600 router configuration are able to handle most users networking needs, especially for home computing.

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