Check Out Cincinnati Bengals Sports Tickets

Every football fan knows that a season's not a season unless you get to spend at least one game cheering from the stands in person. This is no different for supporters of the Cincinnati Bengals; thousands flock to Paul Brown Stadium each week to show their love for the team. With affordable sports tickets to their games available on eBay, you can join the crowd next to the stadium, up in the bleachers, or anywhere in between as you enjoy the event.

What seasons do the Bengals play in?

The Cincinnati Bengals' season schedule begins in early September and lasts until the end of December with a few pre-season games in August. For most of the season, the temperature in the outside stadium should be warm, but the winter games will almost certainly be cold. It's also possible there may be snow, so dressing in layers and taking a coat are both good ideas as the season goes on.

Seating options at Paul Brown Stadium

Paul Brown Stadium features three main seating areas that are categorized according to their closeness to the field. In total, there are over 65,000 seats for fans to use. A breakdown of the three levels is as follows:

  • Lower deck: The lower-deck seating is the first row closest to the field. It wraps around the entirety of the field in an oval shape. Anything that might come flying into the stands, like balls or equipment knocked off players, will likely end up here, meaning someone hoping to score some one-of-a-kind memorabilia might want to try for these seats.
  • Club seating: For a more luxurious experience, club seating and the perks that come with it are available. These seats are located near the middle of the field. The seats in this area are spacious and plush and accommodate in-seat ordering, letting anyone with a ticket here have their food delivered to them instead of having to stand in line. Club seating also grants access to the private club lounge and any events that might take place there, such as player meetings.
  • Middle deck: The middle deck is located to the sides of the club seating area and behind the visiting team's end zone. Similar in condition to the lower deck seats, they offer one of the clearest views of touchdowns.
  • Upper deck: The upper deck is composed of metal bleachers and is furthest from the field. Their position gives fans a bird's-eye view of the entire game.
Which Bengals tickets could be collector's items?

Among the many games the Bengals have played, a select few are regarded as some of the most entertaining in the game's history. As such, the tickets for these games have been known to become collector's items for dedicated fans. A short list of these games include:

  • 1981 AFC Championship Game: This game pit the Bengals against the San Diego Chargers. One of the coldest games on record in NFL history, the Bengals won the title with a score of 27 to 7.
  • 1988 Cincinnati vs. Washington: A close game, the Bengals just barely beat the Redskins with a score of 20 to 17 after over five minutes of overtime.
  • 2005 Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh: After 15 years of bad seasons, the Bengals made their triumphant return with a 38 to 31 victory over one of their oldest rivals.
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