Expand Your Dashboard Functions Using a Cigarette Lighter Plug

The ports on your car's lighter plug are versatile, and you can adapt them to serve many secondary functions. New and used cigarette lighter plugs are available on eBay in several configurations. You can explore various cigarette lighter plug models and find out how they can add more to your vehicle's dashboard.

What types of lighter plugs are there?

You can divide cigarette lighter plugs according to the changes they make to your vehicle. Each type does something different, and the helpful search options on eBay enable you to find the kind that you need. Some common types of cigarette plugs are:

  • Converters: You can use a lighter plug to convert your vehicle's D/C power supply to an A/C current.
  • Splitters: If you want to split a signal and send it to more than one device at a time, this type of heavy-duty cigarette lighter plug should work for you.
  • USB connections: If your car doesn't have any native ports that support USB connections, a cigarette lighter plug adapter will allow you to connect USB cords and devices that use them.
Can you choose a set of features?

Many cigarette lighter plugs can add some functions to your vehicle in addition to changing how it behaves. Some of these features are small yet convenient and easy for you to use. During your search on eBay, you will find plugs with features such as:

  • Port adapters: Some of your electronic devices use special or proprietary ports that your car might not be able to accommodate. You can use a cigarette lighter plug to make an access point for USB or Lightning cables.
  • AUX ports: These lighter plugs provide an input for various peripheral audio devices you might want to use in your car.
  • Fuse: If the fuse on your standard lighter is malfunctioning, a replacement cigarette lighter plug can restore basic functionality to it.
Do you need to set up a new plug?

Most cigarette lighter plugs are intended for immediate use right out of the box. Once you receive your preferred car lighter plug from eBay, you should be able to get it working by just inserting it into your regular cigarette lighter socket. In some cases, you may need to toggle a switch to turn on and prime the device before the first use. An indicator light should turn on when it is ready.