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Your Next Stylish and Practical 100s Cigarette Case

Though tobacco has been smoked by Native American tribes for thousands of years, the contemporary, pre-rolled paper cigarette is a younger invention that dates from the 17th century. More convenient and portable than loose tobacco, they can be transported in just as much style using cigarette cases. Whether they are hand-rolled or factory bought, smokes carried in a cigarette case will be protected from crushing and will last longer without drying out.

What are common materials for a cigarette case holder?

From a cigarette holder case based on Victorian-era design to contemporary designs featuring conceptual and abstract art, there are a wide range of options for you on eBay.

  • Silver - Usually double-sided, this style of hard cigarette case is frequently found with etchings and embossing, often in vintage or retro styles. Though authentically antique ones will generally only fit a cigarette of 70 millimeters in size, it is not difficult to find a contemporary cigarette case for 100s in this style.
  • Plastic - Plastic cases range from simple black options to brightly colored, elaborately designed versions. Light and strong, they easily fit in a purse or pocket.
  • Leather - A leather cigarette case for 100s can be found on eBay and can come in many colors and styles. This type of case can be a single soft pocket, or it can have additional pockets for a lighter or other accoutrements. Leather-lined metal cases are also available for those who prefer a hard cigarette case.
Features to look for in a cigarette case

Design is just one trait buyers look for. There are also plenty of practical features offered.

  • Crush-proof - Any case that is kept somewhere with a lot of movement or wear and tear, such as a pocket, needs to protect the cigarettes it houses. Luckily, many hard cigarette cases do just that.
  • Attached lighter - A feature found most often in plastic cases, an attached lighter means never having to bum a light off a stranger.
  • Belt clip - For easy access, cigarette cases with belt clips are a practical option. It also eliminates the need for pockets or bags.
Choosing between new and preowned cases

The long history of cigarette cases ensures that there is a wide variety of preowned and vintage cases on offer. For an affordable cigarette case, 100s are one of the more common sizes, which makes the pool of options even greater.

  • New - Many modern features, such as crush-proof plastic or attached lighters, can be found in new cases, making them an appealing option.
  • Preowned - A preowned case that is well cared for can retain all the features of a new model and can include unique vintage or antique versions if you are a collector.