Children & Young Adult Books

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The best way to get an adult to read is to start when they are a child. Childrens and young adult books are some of the hottest properties in the literary world. The Harry Potter series is a multi-media mega-hit, and it started as a childrens book. Blockbuster properties like The Hunger Games grew out of a young adult series.   Find just the right classic to share with your child or revisit a series from your youth when you shop for deals within this collection of new and used eBay children’s books.  

The first step toward reading is mixing words and pictures. Childrens picture books combine bright colored pictures with words that match the image. Some are board books with rigid pages that most children find difficult to destroy. Others are made of cloth or plastic so that they can be wiped clean of whatever a child might spill on it. The one thing they all have in common is pictures, because they are the gateway to words.

Not all childrens books are fiction; many are non-fiction and help open the reader to the wider horizons of the world around them. A childrens astronomy book can open young minds to the vistas of the Universe. Dinosaur books take young minds into the deep past. Other nonfiction books help children see how their ancestors lived, by telling the stories of daily life in ancient times.

Young adult books are driving the fiction market; often making the leap to the silver screen. Many of the most popular feature young heroes rising to overthrow dystopian governments. They are often shorter works featuring first person protagonists and written in present tense. They read quickly, and have captured the imaginations of millions.

One of the defining features of childrens and young adult books is that they come in series. From Harry Potter, to Goosebumps, and even The Babysitters Club; there are hundreds of series out there. A good series builds anticipation for the next book, and the desire go back and fill in all the books you missed before. Some of these childrens books are part of series containing as many as fifty or a hundred books, more than enough to fill someones entire childhood.