What are the origins of Chevrolet?

The brand that arguably perfected the muscle car, Chevrolet (also known as Chevy) is GM's pride and joy, being the best-selling car brand from the company. With a history dating back to 1911, this brand is no newbie in the car business. Chevrolet's vehicles picked up in popularity in the 1950's and 1960's, and it is still a competitive car brand to this day, thanks to its diversity in vehicle offerings and investment in new technology to keep up with the times. From tiny coupe models to luxury cars to sports cars to pickup trucks, there is something for everyone in the Chevy brand.

What are the most popular Chevrolet vehicles of all time?

The five top selling models in the Chevrolet brand are the Camaro, Caprice, Impala, Cavalier, and Silverado, in no particular order. The Silverado is a pickup truck range, while the rest are cars. All these models sold in the millions since their introduction decades ago, and remain favorites for their reliable performance and reasonable price tags. The Cavalier and Caprice are no longer in production, but the rest are still going strong. The Impala especially has been a great success, having already reached its 10th generation despite being temporarily discontinued between 1996 and 2000.

What makes the Chevrolet Corvette such an iconic car?

The Chevy Corvette is iconic for being the "dream" convertible sports car of Americans back in the 1950's and beyond. The build and specifications of the Corvette has changed over the years, but it still maintains it two-seater design. Now already in its seventh generation, the Corvette continues to steal the hearts of many, whether with its smaller coupe editions or large high-performance Grand Sports versions. While its performance may not rival those of Porsches and Lamborghinis, Corvettes offer a more affordable option for those looking for a stylish ride with a better punch in performance than regular cars.

What types of Chevrolet cars can I choose from?
  • Convertible sports vehicles such as Corvettes, SSRs, and Camaros
  • Subcompact cars like the Spark, Sonic, and Aveo
  • Compact cars like the Cruze and Bolt
  • Heavy-duty pickup trucks such as the Silverado and Colorado
  • Luxury cars with premium features such as the Monte Carlo and Impala
  • Family-friendly SUVs such as the Equinox, Tracker, and Trailblazer
  • Space-providing vans and minivans like the Astro, Express, Uplander, and Venture
  • Many other models, which are sometimes crossovers between different vehicle types, and even hybrid and electric vehicles.