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Own the Streets in a Sporty Chevrolet Corvette

There is just something about a Corvette that's the epitome of cool. Ever since the '50s, this popular Chevrolet sports car model has made cruising through town or hitting the highway a pleasure. From retro models to modern model years, there are plenty of trim styles, designs, and colors to select from.

Corvette Models to Consider

The Chevrolet Corvette is an umbrella term for multiple models of this sporty, high-performance vehicle. Each model varies in terms of aesthetics and features, along with the model year it came out.

  • The infamous Corvette convertible came out in the early 50's. This sporty model came in a few two-tone colorways, such as red with white trim or white with red trim. For fans of vintage convertibles, it's a must. These cars were part of the first generation of Corvettes to roll off the assembly line.
  • The second generation is when the Stingray model came out. This Chevrolet Corvette didn't just look good, but the 1960's-era car was the first coupe design by the manufacturer. Small, sleek, and compact, the coupe was an instant hit.
  • The third generation of cars is when the distinct body type of the Corvette started to appear, which still carries over to brand new model years; however, the fourth generation was the most major overhaul of the car design. With added features like T-tops, a digital dashboard, and updated manual transmission, the car began to change. Some models to consider include the ZR-1, which came out in the 90's, or the 1995 Grand Sport with its distinct racing stripe. The 2019 models and up are part of the eighth generation, and are continually updated as far as design, engine power, transmission, and interior features.
What Are Some Distinct Features of the Corvette?

These vehicles have a look all their own, and no car on the road has the same flash and attitude that a classic, retro, or showroom-new Corvette does. These cars have some standout features.

  • Paddle shifters make driving a breeze when you're using automatic transmission.
  • The body style of the car, with its signature two-door layout along with plenty of smooth curves and luxurious interior hasn't changed much, but it's definitely gotten better. Sumptuous leather seats fit for a race car adorn the inside, and newer models are all-digital. Improved fuel economy came about during the fifth generation of production, ensuring you get the MPG (miles per gallon) you desire.
  • Over the years more colors and designs have been added, and many models come in convertible as well as T-top styles to give you more flexibility when you select the model you desire.
What's Under the Corvette's Hood?

Most sports cars are expected to be high-performance, and Chevrolet's flagship car doesn't disappoint.

  • Magnetic Ride Control suspension on some models creates the smoothest ride available.
  • There's so much horsepower in this car you could potentially enter it into a racing competition, especially the eighth and ninth-generation models.
  • Deep cockpits put the driver in control, and comfortable, luxurious leather seats make even long drives pleasurable.

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