Your Budget-Friendly Sprint Smartphone Buying Guide

It seems as if advancements in smartphones are made every time you turn around; as soon as you've purchased a new phone, the next model is already ready to be released. While some people revel in being the first on the block to have the most recent iteration of their favorite device, there is a growing body of consumers who want a quality, reliable phone. Whether you're in the market for an Android or Apple device, Sprint has a variety of quality, budget devices compatible with their network that won't break the bank.

What are the advantages to purchasing a budget phone?

While cost is a distinct advantage, there are several things to consider when purchasing a budget cell phone. The low overall cost of many budget phones often means that you may be able to pay for the phone outright, preventing you from being locked into a lease or service contract. Dropping or cracking your high-end cell phone can cost hundreds of dollars to repair, whereas you can repair or replace a budget phone for a fraction of what a high-end mobile phone would cost to fix.

What quality can you expect from a budget phone?

There are numerous phone choices available in the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and LG family of phones available for use with Sprint. When you purchase a budget phone from a major brand, you can expect to enjoy many of the same features and functions associated with that brand. Apple phones such as the iPhone SE or X can connect to the iTunes Store, FaceTime, and all of your favorite Apple services, albeit with a less-powerful processor, smaller storage capacity, and a slightly underpowered camera as compared to Apple's premium line of smartphones.

Can you use any phone on the Sprint network?

Before buying a budget phone for your Sprint service, there are a few criteria that you need to verify to ensure that your phone will work with this carrier, including:

  • Compatibility - Your phone must be compatible with the CDMA cellular network. You can check this on the Sprint website. When in doubt, purchase a phone self-identified as being compatible with the Sprint network.
  • Unlocked - Verify that the phone is unlocked. Some carriers lock phones to their network due to special promotional pricing or contract-based phone payment plans.
  • IMEI or MEID - A Sprint representative can check the IMEI or MEID identification numbers on your phone to check compatibility.
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