Experiment With a Century Camera for Vintage Photographs

There is a difference when making photos look retro and when the photos are actually made with a vintage camera. Rare vintage cameras and accessories for them can be found on eBay. Analog cameras are less about shooting photos and more about being a patient and a good photographer that is willing to experiment with the art of vintage photography.

Where can the right film be found for vintage cameras?

Film for vintage cameras can be found in specialized stores that sell vintage filming equipment. eBay is another place where old film formats can be purchased. If the century camera that you purchase does not have a compatible film format, you can either find a specialized business that can cut custom sizes or you can cut it yourself.

What is the best way to use box cameras?

Box cameras have to be used with the aperture and at a hyperfocal distance to have subjects focused. The best way to use it is when it there is a full daylight outdoors. The pictures are taken at a waist length. It is important to cover any open parts of the frame so that no light goes into the box.

What is a meniscus lens?

Meniscus lens are the ones that have a spherical and chromatic aberration. The spherical aberration is when there are a soft focus and a slightly noticeable halo created around the objects. The chromatic aberration creates scattered colors around the edges of the image margin.

When using meniscus lenses, focus the camera at the hyperfocal distance. Consider how much spherical aberration is needed. For a soft focus portrait, a f/16 or a f/22 aperture will do with the subject positioned at 4 meters from the spot you are filming. The light source has to be in a distance behind you.

How do you create a sharply focused picture?

For a sharp focus, consider the following factors:

  • Aperture: Close the aperture completely and keep the subject you are taking a picture of a little further from the camera.
  • Distance: The best distance for this is between 7 and 10 meters. Frame for the central subject image and make sure that there is plenty of light in the background.
  • Shooting mode: Since cameras have only two speeds of 1/50th and B, the shooting mode has to be chosen correctly. Usually, an exposure meter is a good tool to read and determine the correct shutter speed to use in a particular situation.