Functional Wallet Cases for the iPhone XR

If you've ever thought of slimming down on what you carry when you leave home, the combining the iPhone XR with your wallet is a convenient solution. Not only can you be sure to leave the house with both in hand, you'll also have all your payment options in one place. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing an iPhone XR wallet case on eBay.

The advantages of the different iPhone XR wallet case materials

Four common materials are used in iPhone XR wallet cases. They could be made from leather, faux leather, cloth, or plastic, and each has its benefits:

  • Leather: It is the most costly option but the premium looks are well worth the price to impress others with your sense of style.
  • Faux leather: Great for animals and still retains that stylish appearance, faux leather and vegan leather are great for environment-conscious buyers.
  • Cloth: Is usually the most economical material that provides you with no-frills functionality.
  • Plastic: Can be formed into hard protective cases that prevent the iPhone from being scratched when it falls or is knocked around.
What features should you look out for?

When placing a case on your iPhone XR, it is important to know if the NFC chip can transmit data through the case to make payments with Apple Pay, otherwise you might suffer from reduced functionality. It is also worthwhile to consider how protective the case is if you frequently drop or bump your phone. Finally, the clasp can make a big difference in accessing your phone and magnetic clasps offer a balance between security and convenience.

What can you fit in an iPhone XR wallet case?

The capacity depends on the specific design of the case, but you can usually expect to fit between 3 to 10 cards in many cases. Here are some common designs:

  • Single hard cases have an opening at the rear of the case to store 2-3 cards and does not have a flip cover at the front for maximum accessibility.
  • Frontal flip over cases store 3-5 cards on the protective flap.
  • Rear flip cases store up to 10 cards on both sides and have the highest carrying capacity, but may not protect the screen.
Specifications of battery cases

Some wallet cases include a built-in battery pack to prolong the life of the iPhone, but comes with a heavier weight. These usually plug directly into the charging slot or feature wireless charging functions. The advantage of wireless charging is that the single port on the iPhone can be used for other purposes like earphones.