Cell Phone Straps and Charms

Cell phone straps and mobile phone charms add style to your smartphone or mobile device. These accessories can be easily attached directly to a cell phone or to a cell phone cover. Utilizing a phone strap allows you to attach your mobile phone to your wrist, purse, or backpack.

Why should you use a cell phone strap or charm?

Cell phone lanyards can act like a key ring or necklace to attach your mobile phone or handheld gadget. These straps can help prevent damage to the phone caused by accidental dropping. By attaching your cell phone to your purse, zipper, backpack, or wrist, like a bracelet, you can rest at ease knowing that the strap keeps your phone more secure from loss or theft.

Phone charms can be a fun way to dress up or decorate your phone. Cell phone charms can also be used as fidget toy accessories or boredom breakers during a long meeting or event.

How do you attach a cell phone charm?

First, find the lanyard hole on your cell phone or phone case. These holes are usually near the top of the phone or case. Next, insert the small loop on the cell phone charm into the hole and pull through. Finally, insert the cell phone charm through the loop and pull tightly to secure. Then, you can enjoy and show off your cell phone charm or lanyard.

Are charms and straps compatible with all mobile phones?

Some mobile phones have a small hole specifically designed for accessories such as a strap or a cell phone charm. If your phone does not have a hole for a charm, you can purchase a cell phone cover that has a hole for accessories.

What styles and colors of cell phone charms are available?

Charms can come in almost any style, shape, or material imaginable to dress up your mobile device. Cell phone charms come in every color imaginable: black, white, blue, pink, yellow, red, purple, green, orange, and even multi-colored. A cell phone charm can be made from soft and squishy materials like silicone or hard materials like metal, rhinestones, or crystals.

A phone charm may be a plush miniature of your favorite character. Choose a charm from fun animals like dolphins, black and white pandas, monkeys, unicorns, or kittens. You can purchase holiday or seasonal phone charms such as snowmen, or choose a charm with one of your favorite anime characters. Phone charms also come in food shapes like ice cream, birthday cake, donuts, waffles, or pizza. Charms can be scented with aromas of peach, popcorn, or strawberry cake.