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Replace Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Digitizer

If you are finding that your Samsung Galaxy S3's touchscreen is not responding, it may be time to replace the digitizer. There are a few things to take into consideration before selecting a replacement digitizer.

What is a digitizer?

The digitizer converts your movement on the screen into a digital pulse. If it is broken or needs a replacement, your Samsung Galaxy S3 or other cell phone may not respond, and you could lose full functionality. If possible, you may also need to replace the LCD screen, as these two parts work in conjunction with each other. The process is the same to replace both parts.

What replacement parts are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Obtain the model number of your Samsung Galaxy S3. It is located on the label of your battery. With it, you can find a digitizer that is compatible with your Galaxy S3. In order to guarantee full functionality, you need to make sure you have the correct model number for all replacement parts.

What tools are needed for an LCD screen replacement?

You only need a few parts to replace the LCD screen, which are often sold as a kit. These include a suction cup, a few screwdrivers, and a pry tool in the package. You may find items such as a heat source and clamps helpful as well.

What is the process to replace the LCD and digitizer?
  • Power down the device to avoid any electrical issues.
  • Remove the back cover and start to take out the screws.
  • Remove the screen from the rest of the phone using the pry tool. Use caution so as to not crack the glass. The suction cup can be used to help stabilize the glass.
  • You need to remove a few sensors from the back of the phone. You also need to remove the camera and motherboard as well. Keep all the parts together so they will be easy to reattach later.
  • Take the screen replacement with the digitizer and reattach those pieces to the LCD screen.
  • Check that the replacement parts are working by powering up the device. Once you have checked, power down the phone again.
  • Put the phone back together. Line up the two sides and make sure they are flush. Snap the back plate into place.
  • Place the battery screws back into their original position. Power the phone on again and use your phone as before.
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