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Cell Phone Mounts and Holders

When driving, everyone needs something that can hold their phone other than their hands. A phone mount or holder can keep your phone at eye level and hands free so that you can jam some tunes, get directions, or even have a conversation on speakerphone or Bluetooth. Thanks to the many options out there, you can pick one that suits your needs.

What are phone mounts and holders?

A phone mount is a piece that sticks to your dashboard or windshield to prop your phone up at eye level. Some mounts are magnetic and don't require a holder, which is a sleeve that fits around your phone and holds it stationary. Holders generally clip into or onto a mount.

What features do cell phone mounts and holders have?

You can find mounts and holders in a variety of different colors and materials. Holders can range from pliable silicon to rigid molded plastic. Here are just a few of the options that are available for mounts and holders:

  • Magnetic mounts: A magnetic phone holder attaches to your dash or windshield using mounting glue or suction cups and has a strong magnet inside that holds your mobile securely in place. They usually have a ball joint between the base and magnet that allows the smartphone to swivel and tilt so it can be positioned at the most convenient angle for sight and use. This also helps with phone calls, as it turns the speaker and microphone towards you.
  • Air vent mounts: There are mounts for your cell phone holder that clip onto the air vents in your dash using clips that slide onto the slats inside the vent.
  • Motorcycle or handlebar mounts: There are special mounts and holders available that are specially made to be installed on a motorcycle. Some of these clip onto a handlebar on the motorcycle and usually need an accompanying holder. This is why it is important to purchase a mount specifically made for a motorcycle, since it gets more exposure to the outdoor forces.
  • Model specific mounts: Some phone mounts and holders are made for specific models of cell phones. Usually this is because it includes a holder that is molded to fit the body of that model. You can easily find holders for iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, and even popular tablets. Make sure that the mount or holder you choose is compatible with your device.
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