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Cell Phone Headsets

As you shift into second and continue to accelerate, your phone begins to ring. It's that important work call you've been waiting for, the call you simply cannot miss. Knowing that it's unsafe, and in most areas, illegal, to drive while holding your phone to your ear, you slide on your headset and accept the call. Finding the right headset doesn't have to be difficult, and if you know what types of cell phone headsets are available and what features you need, you can be well on your way to driving, walking, or even sitting while talking on your phone hands-free.

Bluetooth Headsets

The gold standard of cell phone headsets is a high-quality Bluetooth products. A Bluetooth headset means no wires. Now you don't have worry about sandwiching your phone between your ear and your shoulder, nor do you have to worry about awkward wires getting in the way of your important phone call. Many of the hundreds of headsets on the market also have special features, such wine elimination, allowing you to easily talk on the phone outside, even in difficult weather.

In-Ear or Over-the-Ear.

Headsets come in two basic types: those that go over your ears and those that rest inside your ears. In general, one type is not ultimately superior to the other type. Rather, which type of cell phone headset you need is based on your personal preferences. If you want something that is discrete above all else, go for an in-ear headset. If you prefer all-encompassing sound, over-ear is a better choice. Over-ear headsets are often noise-cancelling, meaning they let you tune out outside noises, and noise-isolating, meaning they prevent noise-leakage. A noise-isolating headset is especially important for people who value privacy. They allow you to have a private phone conversation even while on a bus or in a shopping mall. Just remember that even if people can't hear what your talking partner is saying, they can still hear your side of the conversation! In addition to the headset itself, remember to also keep an eye out for cell phone accessories and bundles, including armbands, batteries, cables and adapters, and covers and skins to keep your phone both stylish and protected.

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