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Cell Phone Chargers & Cradles

Cell phones are one of the most important devices in many people's lives. The amount of available apps make them useful in a myriad of situations, from the alarm that wakes you up in the morning to all the calender reminders that get you through the day. It is very obvious when viewing human life in the modern world that people rely heavily on their phones. The unfortunate truth is that a phone is only worth something if it has battery power. When a phone loses charge, it becomes an empty black screen that ceases to have significance. Because of this, a phone charger is almost as important as the phone itself.

Charger Types

When looking at chargers, it is important to make sure that it has the right adapter for your phone. Phones do not all have the same adapter, and different brands are not always compatible with competing brands. The most common adapter types for cell phones are micro USB and mini USB. After checking your adapter type, it is important to make sure that the voltage of the charger matches up with the voltage of your phone. Most phones are coming out with the same range of voltage, making it easy to find a charger that is compatible in this way.

Always Staying Charged

You never need to find yourself with a dying phone as long as you are prepared with the proper chargers. There are four main types of chargers. The first, and most classic, is a wall charger. Wall chargers are common, and easy to use. Secondly, phone cables that end in a USB are very useful to hook up to a computer or USB power source and get a quick and efficient charge. Thirdly, you can charge your phone while driving. A car charger is built to hook into the car's 12 volt cigarette lighter. Finally, there is the option of getting a portable charger. This is essentially a large battery that you are able to charge your phone's smaller battery with. With these four options, there is never a need to be without battery.

Phone Cradles

There are many types of phone cradles, all with different purposes. A main phone cradle design is made for the car. You can attach the phone cradle to the dashboard of your car and are then able to put your phone into the cradle. The cradle makes your phone easily accessible, without it being a distraction while you're driving. Easy access to your phone allows you to use GPS or easily make hands-free calls without having to hold your device.

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