Get the Most from Your Cellphone's Battery

The battery is one of the essential parts of a cellphone. Without a battery, a cellphone cannot function. Batteries for cell phones come in different shapes and sizes, and you can find new cellphone batteries on eBay.

What factors should you consider when choosing cellphone batteries?

When you're choosing mobile phone batteries, you need to consider the battery type, its capacity, voltage, and its manufacturer. The most common battery types are Nickel-cadmium (NiCd), Lithium-ion (Li-ion), NiMH, and Lithium Polymer (Li-Pol). The most commonly used batteries in cell phones are Lithium-ion batteries. The battery's capacity determines how long it can power a phone before it needs to be charged. A battery's voltage refers to how much electrical power it has.

When should a cellphone battery be replaced?

Your phone's battery will give you different signs when it needs to be replaced. The battery may not hold a charge for a long time, regardless of how long you charge it. Your phone may work only when its plugged in, which is another sign the battery is dying. Lack of power is another indication your battery needs to be replaced. Your phone may display the charging logo, but it's not receiving enough power to power itself on for you to use. In general, your phone's battery will last between one to two years, which is roughly between 300 to 500 charges.

Phone specifications you need to know when buying a battery

You need to know your cellphone's brand, model, and battery model number when you're ready to purchase a brand-new cellphone battery. Knowing the specifics of your current cellphone will make finding a new battery easier. To find the model of your cellphone's battery, look at your old battery, or if you've already disposed of it, look where the battery goes. The phone casing should have numbers and/or letters on it indicating the type of battery that's compatible with it. You can also compare the connector on the original battery with the connector pictured in the images of the new battery you're considering buying.

Buying preowned cellphone batteries

Buying preowned cellphone batteries can be a way for you to save money. Sometimes people mistakenly purchase phone batteries that aren't compatible with their phones, and then they go to eBay to sell them to others who could use them. Other times, people might want to sell cellphone batteries that they had as backups for when theirs went out, but then they upgraded to a new phone and no longer need them. Just because a cellphone battery is preowned doesn't mean that it's been used, and even if it has, some owners might not have used theirs for very long at all, and the batteries might still have plenty of life left in them yet.