iPhone 7 Screen Care

For all that cell phones take their name from sound, it's the eyes that are the primary means of interaction. You spend far more time looking at the display than listening to the earpiece, and that's something that holds true for every smartphone.

What Kind of Screen Does It Have?

Apple calls the iPhone 7 screen a Retina HD display. Those are fancy words for a phone screen, but the numbers are definitely there to back it up. Just take a look at the panel features and specifications:

  • Retina: A retina display has pixels that are small enough that they aren't noticeable to the human eye. In this case that means a 4.7-inch screen with a 1334 by 750 pixel resolution for 326 pixels per inch. It's enough to make curves seem smooth when you look at your iPhone.
  • Usability: The LED-backlit screen offers a contrast ratio of 1400:1 to one so that blacks stand out. With a brightness of 625 cd/m2, it's usable on even bright days so you can take your iPhone to the beach and still see who's calling.

How Do I Care for an iPhone 7 Screen?

While the Apple does not support changing your screen, you can take steps to ensure it does not become damaged or broken.

  • Add a screen protector to avoid scratching the glass
  • Add a durable case that can absorb any falls or drops
  • Clean your screen and case with electronic wipes to prevent grime and dust from damaging the device

Using Your iPhone

Once the job is done, you can start using your Apple iPhone 7 immediately. The reason you must transfer the home button from the old iPhone 7 screen to the new one is that the fingerprint sensor ties to the original home button and if you change that, you lose fingerprint unlock. Also, be sure to use waterproof adhesive, as the replacement process breaks the seals, rendering your iPhone no longer waterproof.

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