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Catering Carts, Stands, and Kiosks

Catering carts or kiosks are portable food service stands that have a place to keep food warm or cold. They're convenient for selling food in a mall, in an airport, or on a sidewalk. Some of them come with sinks and refrigerators and are referred to as mobile concession stands or catering kiosks.

What are common designs of food and beverage carts?

Many vending stand components are made of stainless steel because it's a durable material that doesn't rust. Coffee kiosks can include built-in features like custom espresso machines and drop-down counters. Open carts include a canopy or umbrella to protect you and your equipment from the weather. Some kiosks are closed in and have serving windows.

How can you keep hot lunch items warm?

Stainless steel steamer pans are the most common pieces of equipment used to keep items warm and fresh in a cart, but you can also add a thermal container that retains heat. Some portable kiosks include barbecue grills or flat grills. Making items as you go is another good way to make sure that everything stays hot.

How do you move your concession stand to a location?

Many vending carts are built with wheels that are suitable for towing the kiosk behind a truck. Some of them are even made so that they can be driven separately. It all depends on the size of the commercial cart you need and how far you'll have to transport it. Some carts come with a trailer hitch.

What are the benefits of having a mobile serving station?

Having the ability to serve customers quickly is a big plus in a retail environment. With a cart, everything you need is right at your fingertips. Another advantage is being able to move your business to where the people are. It's a plus to not only have a regular spot but to also take advantage of festivals and events that allow vendors to serve food to attendees.

What kind of places can you use a cart or kiosk?

Some places that provide a built-in customer base include conventions, malls, shopping centers, hotels, airports, and train stations. You can also operate your cart in a public lunch spot. A lot of cities allow sidewalk vending in certain outdoor locations with a permit. Every city has festivals and other seasonal events, and that's another type of venue you can take advantage of with the mobility provided by a cart.

Can you add advertising displays to food carts?

The front of your food cart is prime advertising space for your product. Banners can be attached to advertise your menu or social media presence. Another helpful way to draw attention to your business is to use a chalkboard to list the daily specials, menu selections, and add-on items. It will help transactions go more smoothly and quickly if each customer knows what they want when they reach the cart.

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