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Catalytic Converters for Hyundai Santa Fe

In order to drive safely, cleanly, and in accordance with emission laws, Hyundai catalytic converters filter dangerous fumes before they can exit the exhaust. Over time, converters can wear out from exposure to fumes or become clogged due to other automotive issues, creating a need to replace the catalytic converter. You can find a wide selection of catalytic converters for Hyundai Santa Fe to choose from.

How do Santa Fe catalytic converters work?

Catalytic converters take Hyundai Santa Fe emissions and reduce them to acceptable levels. Catalytic chemicals inside a metal cylinder destroy contaminants without being destroyed themselves. This internal reaction converts potentially hazardous fumes into cleaner air. After passing through the converter, fumes then go through the muffler and out through the tailpipe. Some Hyundai Santa Fe models include a dual exhaust system. If your vehicle has two tailpipes, then it has two catalytic converters, one on the left and one on the right. These two sides are not interchangeable, but you can swap them out separately.

What catalytic converter does your Hyundai Santa Fe need?

The correct catalytic converter will depend on a number of factors. The following is a list of different things you should have in mind when choosing Hyundai Santa Fe catalytic converters.

  • Model year: Hyundai revamps their Santa Fe vehicles each year. Depending on the year of release, the dimensions and requirements of your undercarriage may vary.
  • Trim options: In addition to year, trim options can affect the exhaust manifold and related parts. If your Hyundai Santa Fe has high-performance parts, this means it has a different exhaust system.
  • Direct-fit or universal: Direct-fit types are built precisely to the dimensions of your Hyundai Santa Fe. This type will fit as long as the part matches the year and trim level of your vehicle. Universal types are built to standard measurements. Both will work as long as they specify compatibility with your specific model of Hyundai Santa Fe.
  • Release locale: Individual states decide the rules behind catalytic converters. These parts can vary depending on the original point of sale due to differences in local laws.
  • Current locale: Perhaps you have your vehicle registered in a state other than where it was originally sold. If so, any replacement part needs to meet the legal requirements of your current locale. In some cases, you may have to overhaul the exhaust manifold in order to comply.