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Acura Integra Catalytic Converters

The Acura Integra’s catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust that helps not only our environment but also each vehicle’s gas mileage. A well-working catalytic converter, or cat for short, is a necessary part of all Integra’s exhaust systems.

What is a catalytic converter for the Acura Integra?

In a general sense, it is an emission control device. On an Acura Integra, it is located on the exhaust near the engine manifold. It helps to filter toxic and pollutant gases from the car’s engine, trapping them and preventing them from escaping the Acura’s tailpipes and dispersing into the air. As long as the converter is working properly, this process does not hurt the car’s performance in any way.

How does a converter work on an Acura?

Any time a car’s engine burns gasoline, it produces a number of toxic and pollutant gases. The converter works by capturing these gases before they can make their way out of the vehicle. The unit uses two separate agents, or catalysts, to do this. The first catalyst removes oxygen from the Acura Integra’s exhaust gas, breaking up toxic nitrogen oxides into harmless component gases. The second catalyst then adds oxygen back into the Integra’s emissions, which both converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and neutralizes unburned fuels. The resultant gas, while not completely harmless is nonetheless far less toxic and polluting than what it was before it entered the Acura Integra’s converter.

How long does an Acura’s converter last?

Most vehicle’s cats last a long time, typically at least 100,000 miles. The Acura Integra’s unit is solid, and as long as it is not neglected, it should last at least that long. If your Integra’s unit begins to give you trouble, the good news is that there are things you can do to fix it, rather than replacing the entire unit on your Acura Integra coupe.

How do you know when a converter needs attention?

There are no known problems with the Integra’s cat, and its manufacturer, Honda, is known for high-quality parts and solid construction. However, with any older, high-mileage vehicle, there is the potential that parts can lose effectiveness and need to be fixed or replaced. There are a few tell-tale signs that your Acura’s cat might need attention, most of which are immediately noticeable from the driver's seat, and they are listed here:

  • Your fuel mileage begins to drop.
  • Your Integra’s acceleration becomes much less responsive.
  • Your Acura’s engine refuses to start.
  • The car fails your state’s emissions test.
  • The model's check engine light comes on.