Are Old Catalogs Worth Anything?

Catalogs offer a window into the past, which sometimes makes them desirable collector's items. Collectors often favor vintage department store and mail order catalogs, but niche catalogs with a narrow product focus are usually more desirable. People who collect vintage or antique clothing, decor, or memorabilia often collect catalogs related to those products, which creates more demand for catalogs that feature popular products that are now collectible. Older catalogs produced before World War II tend to be the most valuable, but some catalogs produced after that period can also command high prices. Generally, modern catalogs printed after the 1970s are less valuable, but some special interest catalogs can be worth something. When it comes to value, condition also plays a big role. Catalogs that are in good condition are almost always worth more than those with obvious tears or missing pages.

How Can You Repurpose Catalogs That Are Not Valuable as Collector's Items?

Just because a catalog is not valuable as a collector's item doesn't mean it isn't useful. Vintage catalogs are great sources for retro design or fashion inspiration, which make them handy for fashion designers, set designers, photographers, artists, interior designers, filmmakers, or anyone else interested in the aesthetics of the past. Some people simply enjoy flipping through back issues for entertainment.

Are There Any Craft Projects That Involve Catalogs?

Catalogs are a fantastic source of images for collage art, decoupage, homemade cards, and DIY stationery. Crafters can also cut out people, animals, and objects in catalogs to make stick puppets or paper dolls for kids. Colorful pages make an excellent material for paper mache, homemade beads, or woven paper crafts.