Stay Connected Outside by Finding the Right Cat6 Outdoor Cable

When you want to network multiple computers in or around your property, the right Cat6 outdoor cable can provide the connection and protection you need. There are many affordable and bulk Cat6 outdoor cables to choose from at eBay.

What should you look for in an outdoor Cat6 cable?

A Category 6 (Cat6) cable is an Ethernet cable that supports gigabit Ethernet data rates of 1 Gbps up to 10 Gbps over limited distances. When looking for the right outdoor cable, there are a few items to take into consideration:

  • Connectors: Cat6 Ethernet cables connect with RJ-45 (class I) ends, but there are raw cables available. Raw cables are ones that come without connectors. These connectors are affordable options if you are wanting to buy bulk Cat6 outdoor cables and connect them together to increase their reaching distance.
  • Construction: Quality Cat6 outdoor cables can come shielded and unshielded. Though shielded generally costs more, it may be worth the investment as a shielded cable will reduce electrical noise and lower the amount of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Material: Outdoor Cat6 cables are made of heavy-duty construction and usually come in black. There are waterproof Cat6 outdoor cable options available as well on eBay.
  • Location: Though outdoor cables are made for outside use, they are also safe to use indoors. If you plan to bury your cable, use waterproof Cat6 outdoor cables.
How fast can you transfer data with outdoor Cat6 cable?

Cat6 cable is made from twisted wire pairs that are rated for gigabit Ethernet connections. The outdoor cables can provide quality data transfer for all of your computing needs. See the list below to see what speeds you can expect:

  • Frequency: Outdoor Cat6 cable is rated for frequencies of 250MHz.
  • Distance: To max out your speed with your Cat6, keep the cable under 100 meters (328 feet) for 1Gbsp and under 55 meters (180 feet) for 10Gbps speeds.
  • Max Speed: Outdoor Cat6 cables have a maximum transfer capacity of 10/100/1000 Mbps.
Are outdoor Ca6 cables compatible with other Cat cables?

Most Cat cables can be used interchangeably with other versions. Each cable will work to the capacity of the corresponding cable or system in which it is installed. To get the full range of speed on your outdoor Cat6, connect it to Cat6 or newer cable.

Can you bury outdoor Cat6 cable?

Yes, you can definitely bury the Cat6 outdoor cable. When you are planning to bury your Cat6 cable, look for an outdoor cable that is waterproof. There are several sizes of waterproof outdoor Cat6 available on eBay that will work with your Ethernet connection.