Cat Collars and Tags

Cat collars and tags are designed for cats of all sizes and breeds to allow their owners to easily identify their much-loved cat should they become lost and bring them safely home. 

Differences between a cat collar and tag

  • Cat collar - Easily placed around your cat’s neck with a clip or buckle clasp, to secure in place without compromising your cat's comfort or abilities. Come in an array of colors, textures and added features such as a bell to hear your cat when nearby or reflective to be able to spot your cat in the dark

      When securing the collar, ensure that you can slip two fingers between the collar and the cat’s neck to avoid rubbing and irritation

  • Cat tag - Tags allow you, members of the public or vets to easily identify your cat and get in touch with you to notify that they have found your cat. Tags are inserted easily onto the cat collar and come in a range of shapes and textures. They all have a plain side of the tag to easily put your cat’s information on

Benefits of a cat collar and tag

  • Reunite - Should your cat go missing, having a cat collar and tag on them will allow the quickest way for you to be reunited with them
  • Medical - If your cat gets hurt when outdoors and taken into the vets, you’ll be notified immediately and will be able to take action. Some vets are not able to operate on an injured cat if they cannot contact the owners
  • Identify - Helps you to tell identical-looking cats apart with ease and allows any temporary cat sitters to know which cat it is

Different types of cat collars and tags

  • Safety break-away collars - designed to break if enough pressure is applied, to reduce the risk of choking should your cat get into a tricky situation
  • Decorated or leather collars - add a bit of bling to your cat through a collar that has diamantes, color or different textures
  • Reflective collars - allows you to easily see the cat in the dark. Particularly useful if your cat goes near a road to allow it to be seen
  • Personalised collars - get your cat’s name on the collar and/or their details too. This may reduce the need to get a tag as well