Cat Beds

Cat beds give your pet an exceptionally comfortable place to take a nap. One reason your pet may prefer their own furniture over sleeping on the couch or your bed is that cats enjoy the snug feeling of the walls of the bed. There are different types of cat beds to choose from, and some of them offer your pet much more than just a place to doze off.

What are the types of cat beds?

These are some of the most common types of pet beds for cats:

  • Donuts Pet Beds: Donut cat beds have a round shape with a hollow center. This gives your kitty a cozy place to sleep.
  • Pet Pads: Mat pet beds are just a soft pad without walls, and they are preferred by a minority of cats.
  • Basket Pet Beds: Basket cat beds are the most common, and they offer a simple design. They can be made out of either wicker or plastic.
  • Kitty Hammocks: Hammock pet beds are similar to hammocks that are used for humans in appearance.
  • Enclosed: Enclosed cat beds feature walls that offer your pet a snug and cozy place to sleep.
  • Heated Beds: Heated cat beds can be any of the shapes listed above, and they have cozy, heated walls and a floor for your pet. These pet beds are preferred by many cats.
  • House Cat Beds: Some pet beds are made to look like a house. House cat beds can even have multiple levels.
  • Caves: Some products are shaped like a hooded cave and have a plush interior. Your kitty is likely to enjoy the combination of snugness and a plush interior.
Can a cat bed give your cat exercise?

Some of them can actually provide your pet with a bit of exercise, and kittens are especially likely to be active in them. These pet beds come with built-in toys. Other pet beds are designed to give you places to jump off of. Some of these more elaborate cat beds can even be used by multiple pets.

What are cat beds made out of?

The different types of pet beds tend to be made out of different materials. While there are many materials that can be used to make pet beds, the following materials are the most commonly used to make kitty beds:

  • Plastic (exterior)
  • Wicker (exterior)
  • Cotton (interior/exterior)
  • Wool (interior)
Will a cat chew a cat bed?

Some cats like to chew on soft materials that are commonly found in pet beds. Many cats will simply chew the bed without eating any of the soft material. This behavior is most common between a few months old and two years old. Luckily, there are ways that you can discourage your cat from damaging the new furniture.