How to Choose Casino Collectibles

Whether you're putting together a home casino club in your game room, you enjoy collecting casino-inspired memorabilia, or you need some supplies for a special event day, Casino Party, or fundraiser, there are numerous casino collectibles to pick from. Though you may not be winning millions, the fun you'll have is priceless. 

What Are Some Types of Slot Machines to Collect?

There are a wide variety of Las Vegas-inspired types of slot machines that come in different sizes and themes. Some of these are fun collectibles, like a "Star Trek" or Michael Jackson machine, and are packed with multiple games to play, like poker, blackjack, or keno. Machines range from antique slot machines to table machines, and can dispense tickets, tokens, or coins, so you can still hit the jackpot. 

What Are Some Casino Table Options?

Setting up a casino table gives you the perfect place to play cards. Some have additional features, like they fold up to save space. There are special tables and table tops for playing specific games, like Texas Hold 'em and of course, poker. A 3-in-1 top lets you play blackjack, craps, and poker using one convenient table, and some come in a carrying case so they are portable.  

What Other Supplies Do You Need For a Casino Night?

Create your very own Harrahs casino with everything you need for gambling, including poker tables and slots, but you still need some other casino items for a complete experience, whether you're building a collection or you're throwing a party. Vegas chips give you a realistic Las Vegas experience, and come in a variety of denominations, colors, and designs, or you can buy a set of chips inside an aluminum case. There are casino collectibles from memorable locations, such as the Owl Club in New Orleans or the Sands Hotel. Of course, you can't have a casino without cards. Playing cards come in brands like Bicycle and offer a casino-quality experience with standard decks, or you can purchase collectible playing cards from different casinos. Select jumbo cards, cards decorated with different designs, such as pinups, or cards sized for bridge or pinochle.  

What Casino Memorabilia Can You Collect?

For fans of casinos themselves, you can collect all types of merchandise from famous and legendary places like Caesars, the Mirage, the MGM, and the Nugget. These collectibles vary, from ashtrays and hotel room keys to light-up signs and matchbooks. VIP cards are fun to collect and display, or glasses embellished with hotel names or special events, such as concerts or other live events. There are many vintage memorabilia options, including keychains, dice, and coffee mugs, or mirrored signs from hotels.    

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