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iPhone 4 Cases and Covers

If you have a smartphone, it can be a good idea to have a case or cover. Cases and covers can offer a level of protection from impact, water, dust, and dirt. The variety of products available have been designed to meet the preferences of customers with different style tastes and lifestyles.

What are the types of iPhone 4 cases and covers?
  • Hard cases: These are made out of a durable, relatively non-flexible material. You can find an array of hard plastic cases in many styles. The type of plastic used may be polycarbonate, polypropylene, or polyurethane. Other materials used to make hard phone cases are wood, aluminum and other lightweight metals, and carbon fiber.
  • Soft cases: Many soft iPhone cases are made out of silicone and rubber. This type of product can provide a buffer between a phone and anything hard that it comes in contact with.
What are the different styles of phone cases?

For iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s devices, there are many styles to choose from. Some of the choices are:

  • Clear devices: These will allow the iPhone's natural color to show through.
  • Colors: iPhone 4 and 4S cases come in a variety of colors like black, blue, pink, and many more.
  • Designs: iPhone cases come in many different artistic designs like graphic, marble, or galaxy.
  • Decorated: Phone cases can be decorated in bling like crystals or rhinestones.
  • Novelty: There are many cases and covers that feature cartoon, movie, and television characters; trademarked logos and phrases; and retro or vintage designs that are made to look like old games, cassette tapes, and other pop culture items.
What are some features of iPhone 4 cases and covers?

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s cases and covers have many different unique features, including:

  • Stands: Stands flip out from the case and are used to prop up the cell phone. This can help with hands-free use while you’re watching a video or movie.
  • Wallet: A wallet type of case has compartments that can be used to hold items like identification, credit cards, and cash. Some of the wallet cases have compartments on the back of the case, and others have storage in the front flap.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof iPhone cases can keep water out. These type of cases have watertight seams, built-in screen covers, and additional protection near the ports so that a user can continue to access the microphone, speakers, charging port, and headphone jack.
  • Accessories: iPhone cases also come with accessories like screen protectors to shield the screen from scratches or head jack accessories.
What are some iPhone 4 case brands?

There are many different companies that manufacture cases and covers for iPhone 4 models. These brands include:

  • Dodocase
  • Body Glove
  • Crystal Couture
  • Trident
  • Slickwraps
  • OtterBox
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