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Accent Your Look With Cartier White Gold Fine Bracelets

The cool, soft shine of white gold makes it an eye-catching material for cuffs, bangles, charm bracelets, and other types of bracelets. Cartier uses this precious metal in a variety of fine bracelets. You can give loved ones Cartier white gold fine bracelets as special gifts or treat yourself to a Cartier bracelet to have a versatile piece of jewelry.

What is the difference between the Nail and Love bracelets?

These are both classic Cartier styles you can find in white gold. The Cartier Nail bracelet is a cuff bracelet with a small gap in the band. One end of the band has a flat, cylindrical shape, while the other is slightly pointed to mimic the look of a nail wrapped around the wrist. The Cartier Love bracelet does not have a gap to slide it over your hand. Instead, it uses a locking mechanism to screw the sides of the bangle into place.

How do you find your bracelet size?

Start by using a tape measure or a piece of string and a ruler to measure around the part of the wrist where you plan on wearing your Cartier bracelet. If you're going to wear a chain bracelet, you want one that is roughly half an inch wider than the measurement. For a cuff or bangle, add about an inch. You can also measure your closed fist to make sure the bangle will fit over your hand.

Reasons to shop for used Cartier white gold fine bracelets

Looking at preowned Cartier white gold fine bracelets can be a great idea for shoppers on a budget. Many used items are cheaper, so you can find inexpensive Cartier white gold fine bracelets by looking at used bracelets on eBay. Preowned items also give you access to cute, vintage Cartier white gold fine bracelets and rare, special-edition designs that are hard to find as new items. Finally, if you're looking for something for a loved one with an eye for luxury goods, buying a used Cartier bracelet is an ideal way to give a special gift that won't break the bank.

What material does Cartier use for their white gold bracelets?

Most Cartier white gold fine bracelets are made with 18k white gold. The core is classic 18k gold, which blends 18 parts gold with six parts of a white metal like silver, zinc, or nickel to harden and strengthen the gold and give it a whitish hue. It may then be coated in rhodium, a lustrous white metal that gives the gold bracelet its signature color and soft sheen.

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