A Buying Guide for Cartier Sunglasses

The designer Cartier makes lines of jewelry, watches, and other accessories, including sunglasses. If you need protective eyewear for the beach or just want to make a stylish impression, a pair of Cartier sunglasses are a good way to accomplish both. You can find a wide selection of authentic Cartier sunglasses for men and women on eBay.

How to pick the right Cartier sunglasses

Whenever you choose a pair of sunglasses, one of the first elements that you should consider is your lifestyle and how you plan on using them. Some materials weigh less, so they work great for when you want to wear them for long periods of time. You should also consider which frame shapes will complement your face shape. For instance, if have a rounder face, you can make your face appear squarer by wearing square frames. Oval faces can usually get away with wearing a wide range of frame shapes, and people with square faces who want to soften the lines should choose round or oval frames.

What styles of Cartier sunglasses are available?

One style that is often available on eBay and is widely recognized is the aviator. This type of frame is usually made of metal and has a bar over the nose piece. The lenses also tend to extend lower on the cheek.

There are also several vintage Cartier sunglasses from the 1980s when the brand first began making sunglasses. Some of these include sunglasses with heavy circular frames and glasses that have no frames around the lenses. You can also find retro square-shaped glasses, sport-shaped frames, brow bar, and brow line glasses. The color of the lenses can vary, too. Some common colors are brown, black, blue, and purple.

What materials are Cartier sunglasses made of?

The frames on authentic Cartier sunglasses are made from a wide variety of materials, such as:

  • Solid gold
  • Wood
  • Buffalo horn
  • Onyx
  • Metal
Accessories that might be included with pairs of Cartier sunglasses

Many pairs of new and used Cartier sunglasses on eBay also have the original accessories sold with them. One of these accessories is the glasses case. Many of these cases have a soft interior and a hard exterior, and they're stamped with the signature Cartier logo. Some also come with a larger hard box, but the case has a soft exterior. Some Cartier sunglasses are also sold with the original cleaning cloth for the lenses, and some can have the original paperwork included. Still others might have the serial number etched somewhere on the frame. Cartier sunglasses might also come with replacement cases.

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