Cart Golf Bags

Golf Club Cart Bags

A golf club cart bag has been specifically designed to be placed on a push cart or golf cart to organize and carry your entire set of golf clubs and plenty of accessories out on the course. Cart bags have multiple compartments and pockets for accessing all the clubs or extras you may need. Many have a shoulder strap that allows you to carry it for short distances.

What materials are golf club cart bags made from?
  • Nylon: This is the most common and lightweight material used for cart bags. It is typically stain- and water-resistant, which is meant to make this kind of bag last even when used frequently.
  • Leather: Leather is usually heavier than its nylon counterpart, but it makes up for it with durability. Leather can be susceptible to scratching, but it is quite waterproof and rugged for frequent use by a golfer.
  • Polyester or polyester/urethane blend: These materials are often used to make lightweight cart bags.
What should you look for in a golf bag?
  • Weight: These bags typically weigh 6 or 7 pounds, but can reach up to 9 pounds, depending on the added features. They are designed for use with a cart rather than being carried. If you still plan to carry it every so often, however, look for a bag that’s on the lighter side and with fewer features.
  • Dividers: These divide the top opening of the bags. Some cart bags will have no dividers, while others will have up to 14—one for each club in the set. Some bags use only partial dividers, while others offer dividers that go all the way from the top of the bag to the bottom, meant to help add protection for the clubs stored in them.
  • Pockets: Most cart bags have several pockets for multiple uses. Zippered apparel pockets are meant for storing jackets, sweaters, or other clothing items. Some will have insulated pockets for carrying water bottles, snacks, or other temperature-sensitive materials. Some of these carriers may also have smaller secure zippered pockets for storing valuables while playing a round of golf.
What are other features of a golf club cart bag?
  • Putter well: This is a separate compartment within your bag that is designed to keep your putter separate from the other clubs, protecting both the other clubs and the head of your putter. These are most often lined with velour or other soft material.
  • Straps: Single straps are best for golf bags because they are easy to sling over the shoulder while walking to and from the golf vehicle. Dual straps are better for golfers who choose to walk farther distances while carrying the bag.
  • Rain hood: This feature allows you to keep your clubs dry and protected from the elements in the case of rain. Some bags will have this included; others may offer it as an add-on accessory.