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Ford Mustang Carburetors

Your classic Ford Mustang needs to keep its muscle, and thats why maintaining a high-quality Ford carburetor is an important part of keeping your Mustang running at its peak performance. Knowing how Ford Mustang carburetors work and how to choose the right one will keep your car owning the road. With a wide selection of carburetors, you can find what you need for your Ford Mustang.

What does a carburetor do?

Your automobile runs on gas, but just as with any fire, the gasoline needs oxygen to burn. If theres not enough air, the Ford engine will run rich and deposit a lot of black smoke from the tailpipe, which is not just an environmental hazard but a waste of fuel. Too much air and your Ford runs lean and loses power when it accelerates. In order to maintain the correct ratio of gasoline to oxygen, your Ford carburetor regulates that balance and keeps your vehicle functioning the way its supposed to.

How do you know you need a new carburetor?

For great cars like the Ford, its all about preventative maintenance. Keeping an eye on your Mustangs moving parts and addressing potential problems early on can help you maintain your cars engine performance and drive over the long haul. There are a number of telltale signals that your Mustang may need a new Holley carburetor.

  • Losing fuel or poor fuel economy: If your vehicle seems thirstier than usual, it might be time to look at the cars fuel performance and gas gauge to determine whats going on. Since its job is to utilize fuel potential, the carb, especially the choke, is a good place to start looking for engine troubles.
  • Growling or roaring engine sounds: You want your Mustang to sound mighty and mean, but theres a difference between the muscular purr of a well-tended Ford engine and the choppy growl of a car whose engine is in trouble.
  • Having to crank the key: If you have to hold the key in the ignition for a long time to get the car to start, this is a classic trouble indicator.
How do you choose the right parts?

When in doubt of the right automotive component to select, always go for parts specifically geared toward your Fords make, model, and year. Beyond those basics, your intended use of the Ford can help guide you. Also, if you intend to race your vehicle, you might need a high-performance Holley carburetor.