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Suspension and Steering Parts for Dodge Ram 2500

The Ram 2500 is a heavy-duty pickup truck manufactured by Dodge. The suspension system on your truck plays an important part in reducing road impacts on your truck and improves handling. The steering system, on the other hand, helps move your truck in a certain direction.

How do you select Ram 2500 suspension and steering parts?
  • Gather truck information: You can reference the owner's manual or look up compatible steering and suspension parts by using the VIN.
  • Choose a brand: There are many OEM and aftermarket components available on eBay Motors from companies such as Dodge, Maxtrac, IA Auto, ACDelco, AL-KO, and others.
  • Select a fitment: Some replacement components are direct replacements while others can be selected for performance and custom work.
  • Select a type: Some common suspension and steering parts include ball joints, shocks, sway bars, upgrade kits, and other components to repair or upgrade your truck's suspension or steering.
What types of steering and suspension parts are available?
  • Springs: These components include coils, leaf springs, and torsion bars. These metal components bend or twist to absorb the shock from a bump.
  • Shocks: These work with the springs and use oil or another fluid to reduce the motion of the springs.
  • Electric power steering: This system is made up of motors, wires, and sensors in order to transfer the motion of the steering wheel to the tires.
  • Suspension bushing: These components can be made of rubber or metal and allow the different linkages to be flexible in the steering system.
  • Tie-rod ends: This component of the steering system connects the steering linkage and is lubricated to reduce friction. This component works to turn the wheels.
What are OEM parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are made by the company that produced the factory-installed parts on your Dodge Ram 2500. These components are built to the same factory specifications and also use the original materials. Looking up components with the VIN will provide results with OEM part numbers.

What are aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket suspension and steering parts are made by non-OEM manufacturers. There are two types of aftermarket components available. OEM aftermarket components are built to the same or better specifications as the original components. These types are used when keeping your Ram 2500 stock. Aftermarket components are used to modify your Dodge Ram 2500 to improve the performance or use the truck for non-stock purposes.

What is a leveling kit?

These kits are used to raise the front suspension on your Dodge Ram 2500. The rear end of the Ram 2500 generally sits higher than the front. The leveling kit makes the front end equal to the rear to provide more clearance at the front of the truck.