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Car & Truck Hats & Caps

Show off your love of cars when you wear a car hat. Pick your design, a company logo or perhaps an outline of your favorite vehicle. There are many designs of trucker hats to choose from so instead of just choosing one; you might want to pick up a few. The benefit to owning many different hats is you get to choose which one you wear and where you wear it. In fact, you can get one in every color so you can color coordinate your headwear with your outfit. Sure a hat is used to keep the elements off your head, but it's also a comfort item. A lot of people feel lost if they have to take off their hat.

Ford Tough
Choose your Ford hats with wording such as Powered by Ford, Ford Tough, GT, or Mustang or go with one that features the Ford logo. Hats are also available that not only have a design on the hat, but it is carried down and flows out onto the bill. Brand loyal fans can’t go wrong with any design as long as it relates to the Ford company. 

Porsche Shield
Nothing says prestige like Porsche. The company's logo is based on the coat of arms of the Free People’s State of Württemberg of former Weimar Germany. Of course, the Porsche hat you choose might not contain the shield. Instead, you might decide to simply go with the one that spells out Porsche across it or perhaps Porsche Team or a model name. 

Chevy Strong
When picking out a Chevrolet, commonly referred to as Chevy, hat you can go old school and get one with the model Nova written on it or stay modern with the latest model Corvette or Camaro. In addition to getting a ball cap with your favorite car maker written on it, you can get a beanie with the name embroidered on it.

The brands mentioned above are not the only ones available. Most likely, if you can name a make and model, there is a hat available for that combination. Whether you are a man, woman, or child, hats are a favorite accessory to finish off your look for the day.

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