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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Cruise Control Kit

You can select a cruise control kit from the many affordable types and varieties available on eBay that will have the system working correctly in no time. That is especially true if the cruise control system in your vehicle has stopped working properly or requires an upgrade. These kits provide your vehicle with a system that allows you to maintain a certain speed when driving on long stretches of road or the highway. 

How do you differentiate between aftermarket and OEM? 

The used cruise control kits that you can find on eBay are considered either aftermarket kits or OEM kits, the latter of which refers to cruise control systems made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle. OEM parts refer to the exact parts that came on the vehicle that you're driving, which means that the automaker of your vehicle manufactured them. Aftermarket cruise control kits include any kit that was not created by the automaker, which means that a wide range of brands can produce them. Since OEM cruise control kits are by brand-name automakers, they likely only work on specific makes and models of vehicles. 

How do you determine if your vehicle is compatible? 

If you want the exact same cruise control kit that your vehicle came with, you may want to select an OEM kit that accommodates the make and model of your vehicle, along with the model year that the vehicle first entered the market. If you are considering an aftermarket kit, these kits are usually universal in how they operate, which means that you can pair them with any vehicle. But if you want to be certain, check your owner's manual for compatibility information direct from your vehicle manufacturer. 

Which components typically come in cruise control kits? 

The types of components found in a cruise control kit can differ depending on the kit, but there are some basic components found in most of these kits that typically include:  

  • Control switch and switch cover: This switch allows you to take control of the speed that you want the cruise control set.
  • Mounting screws: All kits include a series of screws that allow you to fasten the system to your vehicle securely.
  • Harness assembly: The harness for a cruise control kit will contain most of the wires that you need to hook up to your vehicle for the system to function correctly.