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 Multipurpose Protection From the Elements: Car Covers

A car cover keeps your car protected from ultraviolet rays, wind, debris, tree sap, and more. Whether the car is a personal one or part of a business's fleet, a cover makes a good investment. A vehicle parked outside benefits from the durable extra layer a car cover provides.

How do you choose the right size cover?

If you look over eBay car covers, you will notice that they are not one size fits all. Choose an appropriate size for the particular car, truck, SUV, or another model you own. The different corresponding features include:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim
  • Engine

What are scratch-resistant car covers for sale?

A new or used car cover listed a being resistant to scratches comes made with materials designed to protect the car's paint when the cover is snugly secured in place. Cotton is an example of a material employed to provide protection to the car's exterior. Often, the cotton lining comes in an extra thick layer to further provide a buffer between the durable waterproof car cover and the vehicle's exterior.

How does the car cover stay in place?

Look over the car covers for sale to determine the specific components designed to secure the cover. Usually, there is a buckle and strap combination that does the job. Adjustable straps tighten the cover to the desired level. A corresponding buckle then keeps the straps tight and the cover secured in place.

How does a waterproof cover work?

As the name suggests, the cover keeps water completely out as the liquid cannot penetrate any pores on the cover. The cover itself is not the only component that is impenetrable to water. The seams of the cover, the area in which the bends in the cover are stitched, also do not allow water to enter.

Multiple layers offer extra protection

With these affordable car covers, several different layers of material are woven on top of one another to create significant protection. If it is too thin, a car cover might not be able to provide the necessary protection against the elements. Weaving multiple layers together increases the protection drivers rely upon. Check the product description to determine if the car cover works equally well indoors and outdoors. The description should also note what protection to expect from a multiple-layer cover. Usually, the cover keeps rain, snow, wind, sunlight, mud, and more from causing problems.