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Ball Joints for Oldsmobile Toronado

The Oldsmobile Toronado is an Oldsmobile classic and Toronado owners love to show off their stylish coupes. But as car's age, ball joints wear. To keep your Toronado running like a front-wheel-drive dream, replace those loose ball joints before they damage that trusty Oldsmobile suspension.

Do the ball joints on your Oldsmobile Toronado need replacement?

For Oldsmobile Toronado owners inexperienced with vehicle mechanics, knowing when their Oldsmobile's ball joints need replacement is a bit of a mystery. The good news is whether you are driving a Toronado or even a different Oldsmobile model or high-horsepower coupe, there are several signs that indicate worn ball joints as well as visual inspection tests that tell if they need to be replaced.

  • Listen: A clunking sound below the engine may indicate loose ball joints.
  • Check the steering: A stiff spot while steering could mean a tightening of the ball joints. This may be accompanied by a squeaking sound beneath the engine.
  • Test your Toronado's ball joints: By sliding underneath the vehicle's engine and looking between the wheels, you can locate the ball joints. Try moving the ball joints. If there is a clicking sound, it needs repair. If there is significant play, have your Toronado serviced immediately. This test can be performed on all Oldsmobile models.
  • Beware of poor handling: If that once smooth front-wheel drive appears to have deteriorated, it may be the ball joints.
  • Avoid high speeds if ball joints are worn: Driving your Oldsmobile Toronado at high speeds with worn ball joints is dangerous.
Are aftermarket ball joints for an Oldsmobile Toronado available?

Oldsmobile Toronado replacement ball joints are readily available even for very old Toronado models. Like headlights, carburetors, wheels, and brakes, ball joints are a common vehicle part available. If you are performing the work on your Toronado yourself, it is easy to obtain the right ball joint so long as you know the year and model of your Oldsmobile Toronado.

What damage can worn ball joints do to a Toronado?

Your Oldsmobile Toronado can suffer major suspension damage if you drive with a worn ball joint. This is true for all vehicles and Oldsmobiles, whether a coupe, truck, front-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive.

How quickly should you replace worn Toronado ball joints?

You cannot afford to drive your Oldsmobile Toronado with worn ball joints for any period of time. In addition to damaging the suspension, your Toronado creates a hazard on the road if the ball joints are worn. As is the case with driving on worn brakes, bald tires, or bent wheels, the chances of an accident are increased.