Locate Your Vehicle Quickly With a GPS Tracker

A small GPS tracker for your car is a great way to locate it with ease if you can't remember where you parked or it isn't where you left it. eBay sells many cheap GPS trackers and similar devices that can help keep your vehicle secure. Understanding how these personal GPS trackers work can help you find the model that fits your needs.

What are the benefits of a GPS tracker?

Several of the GPS trackers you can find on eBay offer primary and secondary benefits. Some of the main benefits you can get out of using a tracker on your vehicle include:

  • Protection - A tracker can tell you where your vehicle is at all times and may help you get it back promptly in the event of a theft.
  • Servicing - Some trackers can tell you how many miles you've driven since your last service update and remind you to get your car checked to keep it in working order.
  • Assistance - If you pair a personal GPS tracker with an app, you can locate friends or family who may be stuck on the road and in need of help.

How do you attach a GPS tracker device?

Most GPS trackers you'll find on eBay are easy to attach or install, and different models may use various methods. Some of the most common GPS tracker installation methods you'll find include:

  • Clips - Trackers with clamps can clip on to various parts of the vehicle and stay secure. You may wish to use this type of GPS tracker if you don't want to put it on the car frame.
  • Magnets - Magnets allow you to attach the tracker directly to any metal part of the car's frame.
  • Standalone - Some trackers can stand on their own if you position them on a flat surface inside the car.

Are there different GPS tracker price options?

You may wish to choose a GPS tracker based on its price to fit within your budget. Although more expensive GPS trackers may include additional features, even cheap trackers will add a tag that allows you to locate the car. Some common price range options that you'll find on eBay include:

  • Under $15
  • Up to $35
  • Over $40