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Thanks to modern technology, most newer model cars come with an included GPS map unit for helping you get from one location to another without having to look at a map, pulling directions up on your phone, or owning a separate unit. Having a navigation map setup on the dash makes it easy to quickly glance over and see that you are still headed in the right direction. Although you may not want a unit that screams ''wrong turn dummy'' you do need to know when you have veered off the outlined route and many of the units will do just that in a sweet, pleasant voice that politely tells you to make a U-turn in so many feet.

Easy To Use
Onboard units are easy to use. The biggest advantage to having the GPS unit onboard is that the unit is always in your car. You do not have to worry about someone taking it out to use on a trip and not returning it to your vehicle. Often when something goes wrong, you do not have to replace the entire unit but only need to replace the SD card to get it up and running again.

Know Your Software
There's more to using a GPS system than typing in an address and hitting the road. Before you get started on your journey, it is best to know how your navigation software works. You don't want to be miles from home and realize you don't know what a symbol means or how to type in a side-stop location to your destination route. Thankfully, companies know this and make products that are easy to navigate, even for those that are technology challenged in one way or another.

Stay Up To Date
The most important part of owning a GPS unit is the navigation update capabilities. You need to be able and know how to update your unit, so you always have the fastest and safest routes to follow. Often, updates are performed via an SD card that is easy to remove and replace. Once removed, attach the memory card to your home computer or laptop and upgrade to the latest version before putting it back in the unit. The manufacturer's website should let you know when new updates are available.

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