Tune-up Your Ride

Maintenance & Detailing

Tools & Supplies

If a dead battery has killed your plans for a weekend on the open road, or you just want to restore your car’s paint to its glossy factory-fresh finish, it is time to roll up your sleeves and put your DIY car maintenance and repair skills to use. eBay sellers have a huge selection of automotive tools and car care products to ensure all jobs big or small can be completed successfully.

Automotive Tools
Every DIY project starts with the right tool for the job, and eBay sellers offer top brand choices from the likes of Craftsman, Snap-on, and 3M. Find a code scanner for identifying your on-board computer’s fault codes, engine oil to keep your motor running at optimum efficiency, power tools for more serious repair projects, plus tool boxes and tool chests for storing everything.

Auto detailing is an essential part of your car care regimen. Cleaning off excess dirt, wiping away grime that could harm the paintwork, and applying layers of car wax ensures your car always looks its best. Stock up on clay bars, car polish, and other automotive detailing supplies such as car interior cleaners now.

Charging & Starting
At some stage, most people have had to deal with a dead car battery on a winter’s morning or after briefly stopping at the grocery store. Avoid getting caught out in the cold or stranded by keeping jumper cables in your vehicle, or find a new car battery on eBay.

Exterior Maintenance
eBay sellers have everything you need to maintain or upgrade the exterior of your vehicle, including wiper blades, trailer hitches, and cargo carriers. Also consider protecting your vehicle from the elements with a car cover. With both new and refurbished products available at deep discounts, it is easy to find the products that are suitable for your vehicle, regardless of your budget.

Interior Maintenance
eBay offers a number of different products for customizing your car's interior. Floor mats and carpets, and seat covers allow you to replace original items in classic cars, protect your floor and seats, or customize the color. Be sure to select rubber or all-weather floor mats to provide extra protection for your interior. Boost your storage space and protect heavy loads from shifting with cargo nets, trays, and liners. eBay also has interior mirrors available. There are plenty of options to choose from including mirrors with a backup camera display so you can see what's behind you. 

If you are burning oil every time you burn rubber, it may be time to replace your oil filter. It is easy to find an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket replacement on eBay, plus the tools necessary to complete the repair. You can also save money and enhance your vehicle’s performance by replacing air filters yourself in just a few minutes.

Ignition Systems
A failure in the ignition system is a common fault on many vehicles. Fortunately, it is easy to rectify with some new spark plugs or spark plug wires. Check which type you need, and stock up in advance.

Excellent Selection
From spark plugs to sponges, and from detailing kits to automotive tools, eBay sellers have everything necessary to keep your vehicle in perfect condition. If you have ever asked yourself, “What products do I need to fix my car?” browsing the extensive inventory on eBay provides the answer. Start exploring the possibilities now, and find the tools and supplies needed to keep you and your vehicle happy.