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Car Audio Equalizers

Car audio equalizers come with features and technology that allow you to tune the sound and enhance the performance of your vehicle’s music system without distorting its sound. These equalizers are easy to install and use.

What does a car audio equalizer do?

Equalizers alter the frequency of a sound by use of linear filters. The audio is filtered to make low-pitched and treble adjustments as well as reduce noise in a sound, making it more enjoyable. It also separates the music into several bandwidths, allowing you to select the one you want to listen to. The crossover equalizer boosts the sound levels in your vehicle and also allows you to boost or cut frequencies as needed to clean up the sound in your vehicle.

How does a car audio equalizer work?

The equalizers for your car come with a set of amplifiers and filters that alter the tonal quality of music, depending on the frequency range. That enables you to enhance the quality of sound by tweaking the mid-range, bass, or treble in a certain frequency range. With that, you get control over quality and levels of vocals and the audio you want to listen to.

How do you install a car audio equalizer?

To successfully install equipment for equalizing music, you will need the following:

  • Amp kit
  • Wire stripper and wire ties
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire crimper
  • Screwdrivers, screws, and drill

Start by deciding on the best location to mount your stereo equalizing equipment where you can easily access it for music adjustments. It can be under the dash or the seat. Fix the remote-mount equalizer using screws and a screwdriver.

How do you set up a car audio equalizer?

To successfully set up an equalizer, connect it to the fuse panel to enable it to generate 12-voltage power. Using 16-gauge wire, strip one end and connect it to the equalizer power input. Run this wire to the fuse panel and connect it with a fuse tap to the power source. From there, remove the head unit and pick out the turn-on wire from the dash to generate the turn-on signal. Make sure that you use the wire ties to fasten the wires, and use electrical tape to prevent an electrical short as well as to fasten the connections.

How do you tune a car audio equalizer?

Tune your system to ensure everything is working properly even if the system was installed by a professional. You can tune using the following procedure:

  • Ensure the stereo equalizing equipment is at zero with no equalization curve engaged.
  • Turn some familiar sound to a moderate level, with the subwoofer off.
  • Increase the subwoofer output to a level where the bass does not overtake the rest of the music.
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