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Improve Your Efficiency with Capsule-Filling Machines

Using a high-quality capsule-filling machine can make your filling work more efficient and increase productivity. Whether you want a filling machine for small-scale production or are a large-scale capsule producer, you can easily purchase a suitable new or preowned machine from eBay. If you’re getting started with your search for filler machines or the filling process, here is a useful guide to finding the right filler and using it correctly for optimal results.

How do you know the suitable capsule size for formulations?

To determine the suitable capsule dimensions, you need to calculate the density of the formulation. Use the tapped density value for the powder formulations. For granules or pellets, use the bulk density to determine the appropriate dimension for the formulation. With the information about the tapped and bulk densities, and the knowledge of the desired weight, ask your capsule supplier for a properly calibrated capacity chart. The chart will help you to determine the size, depending on the density medium of the formulation.

Can you use the capsule machine for differently sized capsules?

No, because each filling machine is designed for a specific capsule measure. For example, a size 0 filling machine is exclusive to 0 capsules. Similarly, a size 1 filler machine can only fit 1 cases. Do not confuse the tamper sizes with those of the gelatin cases.

How do you ensure capsule-filling quality?

You can ensure high filling quality by performing a quality check on a sample of the gelatin cases every 30 minutes. Some people conduct a quality check every 60 minutes when they take a weight-check sample. Combine the sample quality check with visual inspection of the capsule batches. These visual checks can help in the identification and removal of defects that you may have missed during the sample quality checks. Also, maintain the environment where you keep your empty capsules at 150C to 250C and 35% to 55% relative humidity.

How can you achieve effective formulation in high-speed filling machines?

Most high-speed machines use the tamping and dosing disc or the dosator-and-piston method for filling gelatin capsules. You can achieve effective formulation as explained below.

  • Tamping and dosing disc machines: These machines require formulations that have excellent flow characteristics to achieve a uniform powder-bed extent in the dosing bowl. Sufficient lubrication is also necessary to reduce friction of the moving parts and prevent filming.
  • Dosator-and-piston capsule filler: These machines require well-lubricated formulations to achieve optimal piston ejection during the filling process.
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