Everything You Want to Know About Buying Capodimonte Flowers on eBay

Capodimonte flowers are a unique creation of the Capodimonte factory in Naples, Italy, now produced in the company's Madrid factory. Learn how to identify authentic Capodimonte flowers made in Italy or Spain and how to sort through the options available to find the right ones for you.

How to identify Capodimonte flowers

Genuine Capodimonte flowers are made of Capodimonte porcelain. Authentic vintage Capodimonte flowers are identifiable by the official Capodimonte factory marking on the underside of the pieces: a fleur-de-lys, either impressed within a circle in relief or stamped in blue. The Capodimonte fleur-de-lys differs slightly depending on whether the piece was made between 1743 and 1759 or between 1759 and 1771. Later Capodimonte creations, including those made by other, third-party factories, bear a Neapolitan N mark topped with a king's crown. After the 1920s, that crown changed from a relatively realistic, iconic look to a more Art Deco style.

What types of affordable Capodimonte flowers are available on eBay?

On eBay you can find Capodimonte flowers in a wide variety of different forms. You can find simple Capodimonte flower sculptures, ornaments, baskets, figurines, decorative bowls, and other items crafted purely for their aesthetic value. You can also find practical Capodimonte flower objects that serve a second purpose besides the aesthetic, such as:

  • Ashtrays and candlesticks
  • Gravy boats and soup tureens
  • Chip and dip bowls and nut and candy dishes
  • Vases, urns, pitchers, and decanters
  • Coffee pots, teapots, mugs, creamers, and saucers
How to select Capodimonte flowers

One way to select Capodimonte flowers is by color. If you know the color scheme of the location where you plan to place the item, you can search for Capodimonte porcelain flowers to match or complement it. Refining your search even further, you could choose to seek only a particular species of Capodimonte flower, like rose, lily, or orchid. If you are buying Capodimonte flowers more for their collector's value than their aesthetic value, then you need to choose between contemporary, vintage, and antique Capodimonte flowers and, whichever you select, decide whether to buy original Capodimonte porcelain flowers or reproductions.

When to buy Capodimonte flowers used

Whether you're looking for an original or reproduction, you also need to decide whether you want to buy the object new or used. If you can't find a specific Capodimonte flower you seek new, you may be able to find it used. Just be sure it has no chips, cracks, discolorations, or marks.

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