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Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing Canvas Camping Tents

Owning a tent is essential for spending the night in the great outdoors. Amateurs and seasoned outdoorsmen alike both have essential uses for these tents, including hunting, backpacking, and car camping. These durable canvas tents come in a variety of sizes, brands, and colors, and eBay makes it easy to quickly browse them all.

Good uses for canvas camping tents

There are many cases in which a canvas camping tent would be more suited to certain camping needs than traditional tents. For instance, you can cook in and heat a canvas tent as long as you carefully use a chimney to vent the hazardous fumes. Many wood stoves are available that are compatible with these tents. Also, canvas tents are oftentimes much larger than traditional tents as well as more durable. They are known for lasting many years and have resale value. A good use for canvas tents is to use them in semi-permanent camps.

What brands make canvas camping tents?

The most common brands of canvas camping tents include those listed here:

  • Coleman and Eureka: These common brands offer vintage canvas tents that are known for their longevity, and they also started selling traditional tents.
  • Ozark Trail: New canvas camping tents are available from this brand in many sizes.
  • The North Face: This brand does not generally sell canvas tents, and only offers special editions from time to time.
  • Unbranded: Many affordable unbranded options for canvas tents are available. Some of the vintage tents available on eBay are considered to be collectibles at this point.
What are Yurts?

A yurt is a type of canvas camping tent originally invented and used in central Asia. These are round, portable tents that can also be made permanent by affixing them to wooden platforms. They are also common alongside canvas tents to use for semi-permanent shelter. This is due to their unique shape. Yurts provide great heat insulation along with standing room while still remaining portable. They can be assembled or disassembled in about an hour.

What types of canvas camping tents are available?

There are many types of new, used, and pre-owned canvas camping tents available on eBay, including beach, cabin, dome, popup, pyramid, teepee, tunnel, and wall tent. Also, many different features are available for these tents, including heavy-duty canvas, high-altitude capabilities, lantern hooks, mosquito nets, and many more. Some of the tents have ultralight options, and all of them are waterproof.

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