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What to Look for in a Canon Rangefinder Camera Lens

If you have Canon rangefinder camera lenses, you can use them for vacation or for everyday use. These lenses can be equipped on both digital and film rangefinder cameras. They are also outfitted with a variety of focal lengths that extend from 15-135 mm.

What are the different types of lenses available to select?

Several options of lenses are available for Canon rangefinder cameras, including:

  • Macro: These type of close-up lens provide the ability to capture subjects in larger-than-life appearance. They usually are available with 1:1 magnification and can make it appear as though small objects are magnified.
  • Telephoto: These type of lens are outfitted with a long focal length to take pictures that are magnified. They create a narrow field of view and focal lengths usually start at 60 mm.
  • Wide angle: This lens type comes with a short focal length and captures a large amount of scene in one image. The wide-angle lenses usually come with focal lengths of 5-25 mm.
  • Pancake: This is a type of flat, thin lens that has short barrel and fixed focal length. It is typically used in smaller cameras to create a device that fits into small areas even when the lens is attached.
Which focus types are available with these lenses?

Consider the different focus options that work with rangefinder cameras:

  • Auto: This type of focus system has the motor and other components within the camera body handle the lens focusing. The motor kicks in and identifies the main object within the photo before snapping the picture. The system then alters the focus of the image accordingly.
  • Manual: This type of focus system requires you to change the focus settings of the lenses by hand. It typically occurs using a small, thin ring located around the base or middle of the lens.
  • Auto/manual: Numerous rangefinder cameras accommodate both automatic and manual focus settings. This option allows you to flip the switch to select the proper focus mode.
What does the aperture of a camera lens refer to?

The aperture of a camera lens refers to the amount of light that the shutter filters in when you are taking a picture. An aperture is listed as an f-stop along with a number, such as f-8. Maximum apertures are lower numbers while minimum apertures are higher numbers. With maximum apertures, a large amount of light is let in when snapping a photo. Minimum apertures like f-22 only let in a small amount of light when you are taking a picture. The aperture amounts available with these lenses range from f-1.2 to f-4.

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